E.G.T. demo
Prototype 30"
400 C.I.D.
10" Air Cooled
BOURKE V-4 1000 c.c.
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Bourke Forum 1-11-08

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Complete CAD .prt files for the 10"/30"/200"/400" models

are nearing completion. Please inquire.

CAD model to rapid prototype-new life for a sound idea.

Stereolithography is used to produce solid models and casting patterns from .stl files produced from 3D CAD modeling of the 2D drawings.It's about time that these tools were applied to Russ Bourke's designs. With all the analysis and manufacturing software at our disposal, it is amazing to consider what Russ accomplished with technology considered "crude" today.

There are reasons why  many have failed to reproduce Russ's work.

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