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Bourke Forum 1-11-08

     Russ Bourke devised an engine that would harness the destructive forces of

     detonation, to produce a smooth flow of power, with minimal loss.

     Bourke Engines embody attributes of the ideal internal combustion engine.

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I taught myself CAD, so that I would  be better able to really get intimate with Old Russ, and gain better insight into why his engines gained "legendary" status.  The evolution and refinement of his design presented itself on my computer screen.

   Bourke was very much misunderstood and ignored.

   Dr. Diesel would stand in awe of a Bourke 400"

  • Virtually zero particulate emission
  • more rapid expansion of charge
  • better mechanical advantage
  • 100% dynamic balance
  • leaner mixtures
  • no oxides of nitrogen
  • no mechanical sounds while in operation
  • low exhaust gas temperature
  • clear-clean exhaust
  • low grade fuels only

I applied several of the later 400 features to the Proto-30 to

reduce flexure of the yoke assembly, and simplify the

manufacturing process. Attention to detail-required.

The 200" reverse roller cam crosshead assembly.

The 400 is actually two coupled 200" units. Multiple twin

cylinder units can be coupled directly, or geared to a common

shaft. Modular engine layouts can provide many benefits.

Beefy roller cam assembly. Cranks and roller cams have

differences in geometry-Russ used them to advantage.

Precision roller yoke and rod assembly-heat treated and

ground. The rod most be absolutely straight and true.

Bottom view of 200" cylinder. I believe my CAD model is the most

detailed work you will find on this Bourke masterpiece.