E.G.T. demo
Prototype 30"
400 C.I.D.
10" Air Cooled
BOURKE V-4 1000 c.c.
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Roger's Notebook
Bourke Forum 1-11-08

The V-4 is really two 30" powerheads mounted on a common

gearbox.  Two pinions drive a larger ring gear.  With modern

electronic ignition,  and by drawing from a single carb,

synchronization will be exact.  This unit will power the 50 kW

Katolight generator head. Electrical power generation is my

preferred application.

Evidence of mistreatment is visible on the crank end. Finding

and correcting these "blingers" is par for any restoration.

 "Hot Rod Magazine" carried articles and ads in the mid 50's.

Russ Bourke was the focus of many "disinformation" letters.

Why did Bourke's work slide into obscurity? Many still insist

it can't run at all. Few actually try to prove him right.

Cylinder mounting face on case showing rod oil seal,  rod,

intake channels, and cylinder studs. Extraordinarily rugged,

and startlingly simple.  Bourke maximizes internal ccombustion.

Generator donated by Phil Rose, Starboard,  Maine.

Complete disassembly and inspection of the V-4.

Thanks again to Frank Powell for this photo, as well as his efforts to preserve the invaluable Bourke engines and technology. Lois Bourke and Elwin Coutant published the "Bourke Engine Documentary". Indespensible reading-what we are doing wrong, and how we can improve.

This Bourke Engine is a rare piece of history. Russ used his first design as a "proof of concept" testbed.