E.G.T. demo
Prototype 30"
400 C.I.D.
10" Air Cooled
BOURKE V-4 1000 c.c.
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Roger's Notebook
Bourke Forum 1-11-08

Roger's notebook on BOURKE ENGINES and their properties.

I am using this space to counter misinformation and dis-

information about the BOURKE CYCLE. Contact me at the

e-mail address on the home page, or through the guestbook.

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Parts are not too unconventional, but enough to make a desired difference in performance and economy. Rod and journal  surfaces were Armalloy chromed. Crank is 9V tool steel. Burnish marks are visible after many hours powering the Hobart test stand motor generator.

Photo courtesy Steve Rudzinski, foundrymaster, Santa Cruz, California. 

2/1 original stock reduction unit. Good size gears for a 500 cc.


I took it easy on old Russ, seeing he hadn't been run in 45 years.

Photo courtesy Don Ince, San Diego, Cal

What a find! The fabulous Bourke 1000 cc V-4.

Tear-down and thorough inspection is being done to assure

all parts are in order. Bendix Scintilla magneto parts are still

available. Mag #2 is pretty rough, but rebuildable.

Both powerheads are stamped B30-014-8-54

Reduction V mount gearbox is solid and ready to go.